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What is a gita robot?

What does gita mean?

What is the range for gitaplus and gitamini?

What types of terrain can gitaplus and gitamini handle?

How fast can gitaplus and gitamini go? Can it follow me on my run?

Can I walk in the rain with my robot?

Can my robot follow me indoors?

How do gitaplus and gitamini work on curbs or stairs?

Can I use my robot on longer trips? Does it fit in a car?

Do I need a smartphone to connect to gitaplus or gitamini?

Are the robots airplane friendly?

Are the robots secure?

Can the robot charge my phone?

Do the robots come with a warranty?

What if I’m not sure about my purchase or want to make a return?

Can my business partner with Piaggio Fast Forward?

I am a reporter at X and I’d like to know more about the robots

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