12. 06. 2021
3 min read

Walking through a winter wonderland

With gita

A roundup of winter-inspired adventures to take with your following robot:

Light viewing
Enjoy the magic and beauty of your very own winter wonderland; pack up your following robot with snacks and drinks and take a slow stroll around the block to admire your neighbor’s holiday lights and house decorations.

Local shopping
Having gita carry your purchases is a great motivator to take a stroll over to the nearby stores and support your local small business owners (rather than mindlessly ordering everything online).

New-age caroling
Spread holiday cheer on your next walk by streaming a classic holiday playlist through gita’s Bluetooth® speaker for all to hear.

Family strolling
Whip up some delicious hot cocoa for the whole family and take it to go. Let your kids pick the route and take your time exploring a new part of your neighborhood.

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