11. 08. 2021
7 min read

Taking advantage of daylight savings

A chance to clock more hours with gita

Turning back the clocks for daylight savings means that winter is just around the corner. It also serves as a gentle reminder to soak in every last drop of sunlight and take advantage of every chance to get outside—and our cargo carrying following robots are just the things for that.

Take advantage of that “extra” hour we gained by spending it enjoying the outdoors with gita. Here are a few fun ideas:

Add a meditation to your morning walk with gita

Outdoor meditation is said to strengthen the mind-body connection.“While being in nature instills a sense of mindful awareness, these senses are enhanced when our body and mind can relax. Whether we remain seated and still or move our limbs, perhaps through dancing or walking, we become more aware of our physical presence, posture, and balance.” –Psychreg

Pack gita up with water bottles and snacks and grab some friends for a long, lazy walk in nature.

Recent research studies have shown that mindful group walks in nature can lead to significantly lower rates of depression, less stress and better mental well-being all round. –Psychreg

Take the scenic route as often as possible and use gita to track your miles.

The benefits of routine walking are many—improved mood, weight loss, decreased anxiety and depression, and strengthened immune system to name just a few. As the Mayo Clinic says, “​​The faster, farther and more frequently you walk, the greater the benefits.” You can find your miles logged with gita in the mygita app which can help you track your progress.

Plan a fall-themed neighborhood scavenger hunt for some educational, outdoor family fun with gita.

You can also use this as a chance to visit the local shops in your area and support your community—gita will carry all the locally made goods you collect along the way and can serve as a fun conversation starter with neighbors.

Take an extra long walk with the dog while gita carries the dog dish, toys, and water for you both.

Daily walks offer you a chance to bond with your pup, give them the chance to socialize with other dogs you may meet along the way, and help them release pent up energy, reduce stress, and combat obesity and joint pain. –The Daily Wag

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