08. 07. 2023
4 min read

Hear from the gitamini community: featuring Tyler McElhaney

Meet Tyler! He is a gitamini owner living in New York and works in marketing. Tyler loves video games, photography, traveling and tinkering with new technology. We did a Q&A with Tyler to hear about himself, his hobbies, and what he loves about his little gitamini robot so keep reading to check out what he had to say: 

What are some fun facts about yourself?

“I started a hardcore/metal band in college and spent years touring the world and released several albums that hit the Billboard Top 200.”

What excites you about gita/trying other new technology? 

"I've always wanted the newest/coolest tech so it's awesome to be able to experience things that others haven't.”

What is your favorite place to go with gitamini and what do you typically use it for?

“gitamini is best for me to help load groceries (I just used it for this yesterday). I often have groceries delivered but I need to carry them up the elevator. The gitamini helps me with usually a single trip up instead of my usual 2-3.”

What is your favorite thing about gitamini?

“My favorite thing about gitamini is how effective it is at following - it has never accidentally run into me (or my kids).”

How do you find new tech products that you want to try? 

“CES, Youtube, tech websites”

To hear more from Tyler, check out his instagram, @tynology or his gaming YouTube channel, @tynologygaming! For more info on gitamini, check out our shop page.

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