06. 21. 2021
8 min read

Walk to your own tune

How listening to music can make your walks even better

We know that routine walking has proven long-term health and mental benefits. We also know that listening to music triggers the brain to release dopamine—known as one of the “feel good” chemicals of the brain—which enhances moods and assists in regulating motivation and goal-oriented behaviors. So it should come as no surprise that when we developed the gita robot, we made sure that music was a part of the experience, cue gita’s high-quality Bluetooth® speaker.

In honor of World Music Day, we’re taking a look at what happens when you add a little rhythm to your walks:


Walking to music with a strong beat and inspiring lyrics can help you keep up your pace and motivate you to go the extra mile.

Check out our upbeat Spotify playlist you can stream through gita’s Bluetooth® speaker using the mygita app.

Keeps track—

A 15 to 20-minute playlist would average about a mile walk.

Sets up your pace—

Alternating between slow and fast music can help you regulate your pace, increasing and decreasing your intensity accordingly.

Don’t worry about gita keeping up; its computer sensor vision allows it to automatically adjust to your speed.

Gets you in the groove—

A “groove,” or music quality that can induce movement in a listener, excites the part of the brain that is responsible for movement. In other words, it literally gets you moving.

If you’re finding it difficult to find the motivation to get going, try playing your favorite tunes before you step out the door.

Increases endurance—

Playing music is an especially helpful trick to help you get the most out of your workout, motivational music helps exercisers push through fatigue and music can increase endurance during a workout up to 15%.

If you’re planning to work up a sweat on your walk, don’t forget to pack gita with extra water to stay hydrated!

Want some more ideas on how to add some music to your time spent with gita? We have a few:

  • At your next outdoor gathering, use gita to set the mood with a fun party playlist.

  • Let your kids play DJ with gita on your next walk together. 

  • Get some “me time” and take gita out for a solo stroll around the neighborhood while streaming your favorite playlist.

  • Walk to a park or other green space, sit and meditate while gita streams calming music.

  • Get hyped up on your walk to work with an upbeat playlist. On the walk home, stream chill tunes to unwind from the day.

  • When that 2:30 feeling hits, take gita out for a spin while streaming your favorite high-energy music.

  • Put together a special playlist of songs that are special to you and your partner, pack gita up with picnic essentials and surprise them with a romantic outdoor date.


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