11. 21. 2022
6 min read

The sounds (and songs) of gitamini

gitamini allows users to get out and walk further and more often which promotes better sleep, stress relief, mood improvement and better cardiovascular health, similar to music! Music can improve mood, decrease anxiety, and believe it or not, is good for your heart as it can reduce heart rate, lower blood pressure and increase serotonin and endorphin levels in your blood. We’re big music fans here at PFF and we know how music can set the tone for your day. That’s why we created our limited edition gitamini with a built-in Bluetooth® speaker so that you can stream music on the go! 

Get up and get your steps in with gitamini - and stream your favorite walking playlist while on the go. Walking rather than driving is better for you and the environment and gitamini makes it easier and more fun.

Not only can our limited edition gitamini communicate with music, all gitamini robots communicate to their users and the people around them with sound. When we designed our first following robot, in order to have gitamini properly be able to communicate with humans, we collaborated with Berklee College of Music in Boston to create a library of unique sounds that work in coordination with the robot’s color-coded lighting system.

The process of creating these sounds with Berklee College of Music took about 3 months and consisted of crafting, reviewing and tweaking gitamini’s sounds until they were a perfect match to gitamini and its motions. The results are true-to-character sounds that are smart and effective, yet refreshingly simple. 

From its user-friendly design and ample storage, to its unique sounds, gitamini embodies a new category of robotics: technology that aims to enhance and support human experiences, not replace or stifle them. Get your own gitamini or gitamini limited edition equipped with a built-in Bluetooth speaker, and enjoy not only the fun sounds but the ease and enjoyment of living a life on foot while staying hands-free.

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