02. 14. 2022
3 min read

The robot that’s making neighborhoods kinder

How to turn your daily errands into acts of kindness

Every walk with gita is an opportunity to spread joy throughout your community. In celebration of Random Acts of Kindness Day, we’ve come up with some easy ways you and your gitamini can spread kindness around your neighborhood year round:

  • Stock your local Little Free Pantry with non-perishable goods.

  • Lend a hand (or gita) to a neighbor struggling to carry their bags in from the car.

  • Pack gitamini with bouquets of flowers from your favorite florist and drop them off at your local nursing home.

  • Toss some used books into gitamini and drop them off at your local school or library.

  • Use gitamini to hand out masks and help keep your neighbors healthy.

  • Say thank you to a neighbor or a group of local teachers. Take gitamini for a walk and drop off gift bags of local goodies.

  • Cheer up a friend after a long day with a surprise Hello Fresh and champagne delivery.

  • Use gita to drop off gently worn clothing to a charitable thrift shop.

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