03. 14. 2022
9 min read

The robot that’s keeping neighborhoods clean

Grab your gitamini and join in the movement

We created gitamini to help people do more of their everyday living in their local communities and to make it easier to enjoy the beauty of their neighborhoods. But in order to keep our neighborhoods beautiful, we have to keep them clean, and that’s what the Keep America Beautiful® Great American Cleanup® is all about:

  • It’s the nation’s largest community improvement program

  • It prompts individuals to take greater responsibility for their local environment 

  • It unifies and beautifies communities across the country in a grassroots spring-cleaning movement

  • It takes place annually in an estimated 15,000 communities nationwide

Marking its 24th year, the Great American Cleanup® will run between March and June. You can join a local project through the Great American Cleanup® website, but there are also things you can work into your everyday routine that would make a huge impact—and with gitamini right behind, the whole thing is a lot easier and a whole lot more fun.

Around the house—

It’s that time of year when a spring clean is on the top of your family to-do list. Use gitamini as a motivator to help make this annual reset more fun.

  • Initiate a neighborhood closet cleanout. Reach out to your neighbors and offer to pick up their unused items using gitamini and make one big haul over to Goodwill.

  • Don’t forget the pantry! Clear out non-perishable items and cart them over to a local drive or food pantry in gitamini.

  • Get started on that home improvement project you’ve been procrastinating. gitamini makes a great caddy for tools and household supplies.

When out-and-about with the kids—

To help the kids practice habits that keep the environment healthy, encourage them to get involved in neighborhood cleanup when out on your gitamini walks together. Here are a few fun ideas:

  • At home, put out a large container and add a marble for every piece of litter they remove from the street. As the weeks go by, they’ll be able to see how big of an impact they are making.

  • Fill gitamini with unwanted games and puzzles to drop off at your local toy exchange.

  • Put gitamini to work carrying downed branches and compost to help tidy up your yard at home.

Around your neighborhood—

Your routine walks with gitamini are a great opportunity to make a small impact in your local community: 

  • Minimize your own trash. You can do this by unwrapping or unpackaging things before you leave the home—gitamini will keep everything protected.

  • Spruce up your local community board, clearing out old notices and flyers and leaving a few brightly colored posters behind. gitamini will cart your supplies while you work.

  • A backyard cleanup is a great motivator to visit your local plant stand or plant exchange. gitamini will help you carry your haul to and from.

  • When in doubt, make it a group activity. Arrange to meet friends at a local park and keep an eye out for opportunities to spruce up your surroundings as you walk. Use gitamini to hold your haul—or to cart extra layers and warm drinks on a cold day.


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