01. 16. 2023
5 min read

The robot built to move the way that humans do

gitamini is our easy-to-use, high-tech following robot that carries up to 20lb of gear, keeping you hands-free while you live life on foot. It is nimble, lightweight, and compact and is built with what we call “pedestrian etiquette” which is how it moves the way that humans do. 

Other following robots need a GPS or a tracking device in order to follow its leader, but gitamini is different. gitamini uses an array of sensors that gather information that allows it to see, understand and react to its surroundings. 

The sensors that gitamini uses: 

  • Depth-sensing technology gives gitamini a 3-dimensional understanding of people, obstacles, speeds, and trajectories so that it can properly follow behind its leader (mirroring the leader’s speed and adapting its distance accordingly)

  • Color-sensing technology provides gitamini with the ability to differentiate between people and objects during the day and night

  • Neural network allow gitamini to process visual and spatial information real-time for quick reactions and continuous learning

When we began developing gitamini, the goal was to help people be more autonomous in their everyday lives and create a human-robot experience that is not only intelligent and intuitive, but one that also lets users be completely hands-free. With pedestrian etiquette, gitamini is able to move seamlessly through shared spaces and is respectful to its user and the people around it. 

We take pride in the innovative mobility solutions we create and are passionate about working towards a more walkable future. We have a lot of exciting things planned for our future so be sure to follow us on social media to keep up on our journey to a more sustainable, more walkable, and more high-tech future!

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