05. 24. 2021
8 min read

Rediscover your neighborhood with gita

A fun checklist for exploring all your neighborhood has to offer

It can be easy to get used to the usual routine; the regular routes, the familiar coffee shop, getting the same takeout every week. But chances are, there’s a lot more your neighborhood has to offer. So in celebration of National Scavenger Hunt Day, we’ve come up with some fun challenges for you and gita to do together to help you discover more of the amazingness that’s just a walk away from your front door.

  • Find out the owners’ names of three local shops.

    They’ll most likely remember you as the customer with the really cool robot.

  • Strike up a conversation with at least 2 neighbors on your next walk.

    gita is a great ice breaker.

  • Try a beverage from a local coffee shop, winery, brewery, or distillery (or gift it to a friend).

    Our IGLOO® cooler fits into gita perfectly and keeps items cold for days.

  • Invite some neighbors over for an outdoor movie night.

    Use gita to pass out snacks!

  • Check out a book from your town library.

    With a 40 lb carrying capacity, gita can help you carry home books for the whole family—and the family next door.

  • Do an outdoor workout or meditation.

    Thanks to its pop-up lid, gita can easily accommodate taller items like yoga mats.

  • Invite a coworker to an al fresco lunch with food picked up from a local restaurant.

    Use gita to do the carrying so you can focus on the conversation.

  • Challenge yourself to cook a meal using ingredients purchased from your local market.

    Bring gita on your shopping trip to avoid using any single-use plastic bags.

  • Organize a potluck, have each friend bring a different dish and all meet at the local park.

    gita can help carry everything and even provide the entertainment with music streamed on its Bluetooth speaker. 

  • Do the 20-minute walk challenge.

    Take gita for 20-minute walks in each direction from your home. Write down things you never noticed before as a reminder for yourself the next time you’re debating if you should go by car or by foot.

  • Take an early morning or late evening stroll.

    Take gita out when you don’t typically go for a walk to see your regular route in a new light.

  • Try a coffee shop you’ve never been to, or haven’t been to in a long time.

    Support your local business by purchasing some merch or bags of coffee beans to gift to your friends and use gita to carry everything home.

  • Try a different route.

    If you’re always walking the same path to work or to the store, use gita as your excuse to explore a new one.

*Scavenger hunt quiz answer key:

1. Red, gray, and blue  2. IGLOO 3. Berklee College of Music
4. 40 pounds; 4 hours 5. Boston, Massachusetts 6. Vespa scooter
7. E. All of the above 8. True 9. Move the way people move
10. Following technology

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