02. 15. 2021
5 min read

Random acts of kindness

Every walk with gita is an opportunity to spread joy—something we could all use more of in our lives right now. In honor of Random Acts of Kindness Day, we’ve come up with some easy ways you and your gita can spread kindness around your neighborhood.

  • Purchase a roll of stamps from your local post office and use gita to hand them out to your neighbors. Everyone needs a stamp at some point and it’s one of the best ways to support the USPS.

  • The next time you’re in line at your local coffee shop, add a gift card to your order (a great way to support small businesses especially during COVID) and give it to someone on your way out.

  •  Put some rolls of coins in gita to add to about-to-expire parking meters that you pass by on your daily walks.

  • Lend a hand (or gita) to a neighbor struggling to carry their bags in from the car.

  • Pack gita with bouquets of flowers from your favorite florist and drop them off at your local nursing home.

  • Toss some used books into gita and drop them off at your local school or library.

  • Use gita to bring old blankets, sheets, and towels to your local animal shelter.

  • Pick up any litter you see on the street. Since gita is carrying your stuff, your hands are free to do a little street cleanup.

  • Bake some treats and use gita to bring them to your local fire station.

  • Use gita to drop off gently worn clothing to a charitable thrift shop.

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