04. 04. 2021
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PFF round-up: 2021’s 7 most innovative tech gadgets

The 7 most unique tech products every techie should own.

Smart, innovative tech is what we’re all about at Piaggio Fast Forward. As the leader in following technology, we’re always keeping an eye out for other pioneers breaking new ground in the tech space. Whether you’re searching for a unique gift for the techie in your life or for an innovative gadget to add to your own collection, our short-list of the most innovative tech gadgets of 2021 will help you find what you’re looking for:

1. Most innovative air purifier: Molekule 

  • Good looks: Super sleek and could easily be mistaken for a piece of modern art.

  • Smart tech: Called “The Tesla of air purifiers,” by Forbes, Molekule is a San Francisco-based science and tech company. They make air purifiers that use photoelectrochemical oxidation—a special technology that fights against chemicals, microbes, allergens, and other forms of air pollution.

  • Leading innovation: Unlike other air purifiers, Molekule’s PECO filter doesn’t just catch pollutants, it destroys them by breaking them down to the molecular level using nanotechnology.

2. Most innovative wearable fitness tracker: The Oura Ring 

  • Good looks: This lightweight titanium fitness-tracking ring comes in a variety of metal finishes, has a sleek unisex style and an expensive designer-jewlery look.

  • Smart tech: This tiny intelligent gadget contains two infrared LED sensors, two negative thermal coefficient body temperature sensors, a 3D accelerometer, and a gyroscope.

  • Leading innovation: Unlike conventional fitness trackers, Oura doesn’t compare your data to the general population. It tracks you for a 2-week baseline and uses that as a comparison to create personalized metrics (activity goal progress, sleep score, and readiness).

3. Most innovative robot: gita the following robot by Piaggio Fast Forward

  • Good looks: gita’s sleek and sophisticated design is inspired by Piaggio Fast Forward’s Italian roots—we are part of the Piaggio Group, best known for creating the iconic Vespa scooter.

  • Smart tech: With just the touch of a button, gita pairs to and follows its owner using sensor vision while carrying up to 40 pounds of gear.

  • Leading innovation: gita is a robot designed to have pedestrian etiquette. It uses Piaggio Fast Forward’s proprietary dynamic following technology to take in information about its surroundings and react accordingly and respectfully.

4. Most innovative vacuum: Dyson V15 Detect

  • Good looks: Really sleek, clean (no cords!) and intelligent looking. Super lightweight.

  • Smart tech: Dyson is a British technology company that makes top-of-the-line vacuums, hair dryers, fans, humidifiers, and other household appliances.

  • Leading innovation: The V15 Detect vacuum has a laser that detects microscopic dust and a piezo sensor that continuously sizes and counts dust particles to automatically adjust its suction power. It also has an LCD screen that shows what’s been sucked up, displaying real-time scientific proof of a deep clean.

5. Most innovative disinfecting tech: HomeSoap Household Sanitizer

  • Good looks: A sleek and discreet addition to the kitchen counter, office desk, or nightstand.

  • Smart tech: An easy way to ensure that the items you most often take out into the world don’t bring nasty germs back into your home. Greatly reduces the use of disposable disinfecting wipes.

  • Leading innovation: Sterilizes items in 10 minutes using UV lights and a reflective surface for 360-degree coverage. It also has two charging ports so you can disinfect and charge your devices simultaneously.

6. Most innovative mood-boosting tech: LUNE Light

  • Good looks: Its sleek, structural ring-shaped silhouette makes for a very unique looking lamp.

  • Smart Tech: Intelligent LED technology. With just a tap, the LUNE transforms the room emitting seven mood-enhancing colors to choose from: sunny yellow, calming blue, revv-up red, etc. 

  • Leading innovation: The LUNE uses a unique LED platform, just 9 watts of energy, and will last over 50,000 hours of continual use, so it's friendly to the environment and to your electric bill.

7. Most innovative home exercise tech: the Mirror

  • Good looks: Sleek, elegant design. The mirror completely blends in and takes up very little space (just 2 feet).

  • Smart tech: The Mirror is an interactive smart gym that gets to know its owner. It’s powered by advanced camera technology and machine learning.

  • Leading innovation: The Mirror’s propriety optimization algorithms deliver real-time feedback based on your goals and preferences for maximum results in minimal time.

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