02. 27. 2023
7 min read

Participate in National Day of Unplugging with gitamini

These days it seems like everyone is constantly on their phones. Everything is documented on social media, everyone’s head is glued to their screens, and we are increasingly missing out on life’s valuable moments and real connections to others and the world around us. If you notice these habits in yourself and your friends - we’re guilty of it too - it may be worth participating in National Day of Unplugging. This day, taking place on March 3, 2023, focuses on unplugging from our screens, relaxing, reflecting, being active and being outdoors connecting with ourselves, our loved ones, and nature.

Need some inspo on how you can unplug and spend some extra time outside? We’ve got you covered: 

Start your day with a long walk around the neighborhood

Fill up gitamini with some water bottles, an extra sweatshirt if it’s chilly outside, and maybe some snacks if you plan to be out for a while and start off your day with some fresh air and vitamin D!

Meditate in the park 

Take a book, a yoga mat or blanket, your water bottle, and whatever else you need for a successful, relaxing meditation to a nearby park and spend time reconnecting with yourself and nature. Pack everything into gitamini so you can stay hands-free and walk there and back with ease.

Have a lunch picnic with friends 

gitamini is the perfect picnic accessory as it can carry all of your food, snacks, drinks, a blanket, and all other essentials for a picnic with friends.

Walk to a friends house rather than driving 

Hang out with some friends without your phones and spend some additional time outside and disconnected by walking to their house instead of driving. Keep all of your things with you while staying hands-free on your walk.

Pick up a new hobby 

Try a new hobby during this unplugged time! Whether you need to go grocery shopping for ingredients to try a new recipe, shopping at a local craft store to pick up some supplies for a paint night, or anything in between, gitamini has you covered. You can walk to whatever store and pack all of your new purchases into your robot so you can try out new hobbies without the hassle.

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