09. 13. 2022
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Meet the newest robot

Introducing gitaplus

Why we made gitaplus

At Piaggio Fast Forward, we are always listening to our customers and improving our products to better suit their needs. As we expand our family of robots, we took what we heard, and we’re giving customers more of what they love so much about the original gita - larger volume in the cargo bin to carry even more, longer travel time on a single battery charge and improved tracking with the implementation of radar in the sensor array. With gitamini and gitaplus, we have multiple solutions for customers to enhance their quality of life depending on what they need and want.
–Greg Lynn, PFF’s Chief Executive Officer

Bigger & better 

About double the size of our gitamini robot(635 x 560 x 655 mm), gitaplus is the largest robot we’ve launched. gitaplus weighs in at 50 pounds and can be lifted by two people. It is perfect for families who need larger cargo space, business owners, or anyone who needs an extra set of hands. While gitaplus is larger and better suited for offices, suburban areas, and more open spaces, it still operates with pedestrian etiquette and its design is sleek and refined, just like gitamini. gitaplus also has a built-in speaker and allows you to use the mygita app to stream music from your smartphone. 

Smart & intuitive  

gitaplus uses a combination of cameras and radar technology in order to see its surroundings and pair to its user. The radar vision allows it to sense things in depth and space that cameras can’t see. With just one tap, gitaplus pairs to its user, stands and self-balances, braking automatically when needed and adjusting its speed to keep pace along the way. When in an idle state for more than 30 minutes, gitaplus will automatically power down in order to extend battery life unless its streaming music in which case it will turn off automatically in 2 hours. gitaplus also communicates to humans through color-changing lights. 

Cargo carrier 

gitaplus can carry up to 40 pounds of gear and can operate with its lid open to accommodate bulkier items. The lid can even be fully removed if you need it to. For longer trips, gitaplus can run continuously for up to 18 miles and has a USB port on the inside so you can keep your devices charged while on the go.

Shop gitaplus

gitaplus robots are available for purchase now in Porter Brown and Rapid Blue, and will start shipping out in early October. Click here to learn more about how it works!

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