02. 08. 2021
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Make it a date with gita

Fun ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day locally with your loved ones

We take advantage of every opportunity to enjoy the beauty of our neighborhoods and make a point to find fun ways to celebrate holidays at the local level as much as possible. So for Valentine’s Day, we’ve rounded up some date ideas for you and your loved ones to spread the local love. 

A date with yourself

  • Take a solo stroll

  • Re-read your favorite book or poem in a cozy place outside

  • Meditate or practice yoga in the park

gita tip: gita’s pop-up bin allows it to easily accommodate yoga mats 

Songs to stream through gita’s Bluetooth to set the mood for a me-date:

  • Love Me Do –The Beatles

  • Don’t You Forget About Me – Simple Minds

A date with the family

  • Put together and bury a time capsule 

  • Build an igloo or tree fort in the yard

  • Make Valentine’s Day cards for the residents of your local nursing home

gita tip: gita can make the drop off completely hands-free

Songs to stream through gita’s Bluetooth to set the mood for a family date:

  • Anything by The Mamas and The Papas

  • The first song you and your partner ever slow danced to

A date with a friend (or more than)

  •  Take a lazy, long scenic walk together 

  •  Have a picnic in the park

  • Get a variety of locally made wines and have a tasting

gita tip: picking out the wines is half the fun, and with gita carrying the load you can take your time

Songs to stream though gita’s Bluetooth speaker to set the mood for a date with a mate:

  • I Would Walk 500 Miles – The Proclaimers

  • Red, Red Wine – Bob Marley

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