09. 05. 2022
3 min read

gitamini - your high-tech accessory

With its sleek and aesthetic design, cool colorways, and fun functionality, gitamini makes for the perfect accessory for anyone. gitamini comes in two colors, our bright spark citron and our neutral boardwalk beige, so that anyone can find a robot that suits their style preferences. 

gitamini was designed to move the way humans do and meant to integrate seamlessly into anyone’s everyday life. It’s lightweight, nimble and compact, all in a fashionable shell.


With the touch of a button, gitamini follows behind and carries all of your belongings up to 20 pounds making it not only the cutest, high-tech accessory, but also super functional. gitamini allows you to walk further and travel more on foot all while keeping you hands-free. 

Just in time for New York Fashion Week, we also have a special edition black gitamini in collaboration with Bloomingdales in celebration of their 150th anniversary! If you’re in the New York area, be sure to check it out in the flagship store.

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