03. 21. 2022
7 min read

gitamini IRLL: Huoy Chen


A Q&A with gitamini owner Huoy Chen, Wedding Photographer at Huoy Chen Photography, living the local life in Seattle, WA.

Neighborhood: Columbia City

Robot: gitamini in boardwalk beige

Longest gitamini trip: 1 hour walk around the neighborhood to run errands, play at the playground, and grab coffee

Hours logged with gitamini: 2 hours and counting! (we power her down any time we’re idle)

Favorite place to bring gitamini: the nearby playground—she’s so handy for holding water bottles, jackets, gloves, etc.

Times per week using gitamini: 1-2 times a week

Nickname for gitamini: Rosie

What do you love most about your neighborhood?

We love how walkable it is with close proximity to public transportation, restaurants, shops and playgrounds. It’s also fun because we usually run into people we know when we are out and about in the neighborhood.

What are your top 3 favorite local shops/small businesses in your neighborhood?

  • Columbia City Bouquet—our local florist, which has the most amazing gifts & trinkets

  • Molly Moon Ice Cream—one of my daughters’ favorite spots for a treat

  • Rookies—the neighborhood sports pub, which has delicious food and a fun atmosphere for sports watching

What’s your favorite gitamini feature?

I love the cute bee-bop sounds she makes.

How has gitamini made your daily living easier? Has it changed the way you move about your neighborhood? 

I love the excitement in my two daughters, Elle (7 years) and Coco (4 years) when we are planning an outing. We come up with a route together, and they love leading Rosie along the way. It has taken our family outdoors more often, and we love that.

What’s the largest item you’ve ever had gitamini carry?

It’s definitely the haul of books we took to the Little Free Library.

What was most interesting to you about gitamini before you were an owner?

I had previous experiences where new technology helped me live a more intentional life (like when we got solar panels and became more mindful of energy consumption). With the walkability of our neighborhood, and knowing I wasn’t taking advantage of it, I knew gitamini could give me that push to be more intentional about walking to places where I would have otherwise tended to drive.

Have a question for a gitamini owner? Let us know and we’ll ask our community.

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