01. 10. 2022
8 min read

gita IRLL: Neha Judge


A Q&A with gita owner Neha Judge, Project Manager of her household, living the local life in Seattle, WA.

Neighborhood: Parkwood in Shoreline, Washington

Longest gita trip: 2 continuous hours

Miles walked with gita: 111 miles (and counting!)

Favorite place to bring gita: Central Market

Times per week using gita: 2-3 times a week

Nickname for gita: Gigi

What do you love most about your neighborhood?

I love how walkable and close it is to the Interurban Trail, which spans 21 miles from Everett to Downtown Seattle and connects us to numerous businesses on both sides of the trail. It’s very accessible on both sides heading north and south. I also love our beautiful parks and ocean front beaches that are very easy to access even with gita.

What’s your favorite gita feature?

USB charger is super practical!

What do you like most about gita’s design?

I love the color I chose and the sounds are perfect. I also love the body of gita. It isn’t intimidating, and it has beautiful curves. I always enjoy the movement when gita stands up.

How has gita made your daily living easier? Has it changed the way you move about your neighborhood?

I have grown to love my area more since having gita. gita has shown me how incredibly accessible walkways and access points to stores are than in some other parts of Seattle.

What’s the largest item you’ve ever had gita carry?

My groceries weigh a whopping 40 pounds. I would say my largest item would be my laundry basket when getting my neighbors’ clothes from the local laundromat.

What do your friends and family think about gita?

My friends love seeing me with gita. They get a kick out of how gita maneuvers and the additional features gita has. Majority of people seem to love the fact that gita doesn’t just carry things but also has the added features such as the USB charger and Speaker. My friends see how practical it is for anyone to use in daily life.

What kinds of comments do you get from strangers when out and about with gita?

I get a lot of stares and people recording me with their phones. It is quite a spectacle and very amusing. Most common question would be “What is that?!!!!” I sometimes get flagged or followed by people in cars. They are very intrigued!

If more people lived the gita lifestyle (i.e. walking rather than driving), how do you see that benefiting communities?

The main benefit would be health. It would encourage people to walk to their local shops and grocers instead of taking a car all the time. gita makes you live more with intent by planning more outings and walkable mini trips. Often when people drive daily they don't get to see the little things around the community. Our area has very beautiful landscapes and artwork that you would miss if you only drove a car.

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