07. 19. 2021
6 min read

gita IRLL: LaToya Tucciarone


A Q&A with gita owner LaToya Tucciarone, founder & CEO of SustainAble Home Goods, mom, world traveler, and community builder living the walkable life in Georgia.

Neighborhood: Decatur, Georgia

Time logged with gita: 7 hours

Longest gita trip: .5 miles

Favorite place to bring gita: The park

Nickname for gita: Bobert

What do you love most about your neighborhood/city?

I love the walkability of our city which creates a greater sense of community. SO many families! It’s one of the reasons people move to Decatur. We have a festival for EVERYTHING! Wine, beer, books! Decatur even shuts down the mail road once a year to turn it into a giant sandbox for the kids. We have a well-known college in the heart of the city so we have had visitors such as Oprah, Bryan Stevens and others come and speak!

Tell us about Ponce City Market, where your store is located.

I love having my store at Ponce City Market. It truly feels like you are a part of shaping the culture of Atlanta! Ponce has been a brilliant platform for us to educate people about fair trade, ethical purchasing, and sustainability, while making it very accessible for them to enter into that new, better world of consumerism.

What are your top 3 favorite local shops/small businesses in Decatur?

Olive Branch Green Beauty

Brave + Kind Book Shop

Lenox Cupcakes

What’s your favorite feature about gita?

Carrying things!

What do you like most about gita’s design/aesthetic?

Super cute. I love the phone charging abilities and the Bluetooth® speaker.

How has gita changed your daily life?

More fun. [gita] has helped us to be more mindful to seek out opportunities to walk around our neighborhood.

If more people lived the gita lifestyle (i.e. walking rather than driving), do you see that benefiting communities?

For sure! People would be healthier, see each other more, feel more connected and of course there would be less harm on the environment!

What kinds of comments do you get when out-and-about with gita?

“What is that?” Is the typical response from adults. Giggles and finger pointing from kids! We tell them it’s a robot that helps to make communities more walkable!

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