09. 08. 2021
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gita IRLL: Jon Catlow


A Q&A with gita owner Jon Catlow, realtor and managing broker at King County Agents in Seattle, Washington.

Neighborhood: Lincoln Park in West Seattle, Washington

Longest gita trip: 6 miles

Times per week using gita: 3-4 times

Favorite place to bring gita: The Junction

Biggest item carried: Case of wine

Do you have a special nickname for your gita?

​​Junior (my friends came up with it as both my son and I have red hair, although mine has gone pretty white these days).

What do you love most about your neighborhood?

I really love the small town feel in a big city. West Seattle has been home for my family for 4 generations. It has views from pretty much everywhere of mountains and sound, amazing restaurants, gorgeous parks and friendly people.

Where are your favorite places to walk with gita?

The Junction which is about 2.5 miles from my home. The looks, questions and smiles walking there make my day.

How many times a week do you use gita?

My son and I get Junior out about 10 hours a week at least.

What’s most interesting to you about gita? 

I’m a big fan of where our world is starting to go with protecting the environment. With my job I can’t abandon my car but love that when I’m not working I can have Junior to run to the store, restaurants and other errands.

What’s your favorite feature about gita?

I really like Junior’s ability to carry the things I would usually take my car to go get.

What kinds of reactions do you hear from others when out-and-about with gita?

“Is that a cooler?”, “Are you training it to go to a location?”, “What the heck is that?”  

How do you respond?

It’s the wave of the future. A walkable robot that will aid in carrying up to 40 lbs for you. 

How has gita made your daily living easier? 

During the start of the pandemic I started walking 10+ miles a day. With Junior I have been able to walk further and accomplish more that would have required a car.

If more people lived the gita lifestyle (i.e. walking rather than driving), how do you see that benefiting communities? 

With the walkability of my neighborhood and many of the Seattle neighborhoods, gita would help cut down on the amount of cars on the road, get more people out enjoying the outdoors, get people into our beautiful parks more and I believe just make people more happy!

Jon’s Favorite Local Seattle Finds – 

Restaurant: Il Nido  

Restaurant: La Rustica

Housewares/gift shop: Capers

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