08. 09. 2021
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gita IRLL: Brian Kirchner


A Q&A with gita owner Brian Kirchner, artist, owner of Brian William Kirchner Art, and Austin resident.

Neighborhood: Riverside, Austin TX

Time logged with gita: 295 hours

Longest gita trip: 2 hours

Favorite gita accessory: gita IGLOO® cooler 

Favorite place to bring gita: Lady Bird Lake Boardwalk

Biggest item carried: 35-pound paint bucket

What do you love most about your neighborhood?

I love the walkability of my neighborhood. We live off the boardwalk of Town Lake (Lady Bird Lake) which is surrounded by nature in the middle of the city and I love to walk everywhere when weather permits.

Have you given your gita a special name?


What are your favorite activities to do with gita?

I love to walk on the Lady Bird Lake Boardwalk, hike and bike trail with Smalls to get to the city and go to the gym.

How many times a week do you use gita?

Easily four outings.

What’s your favorite feature about gita?

The lock and speaker feature from the mygita app.

What do you like most about gita’s design?

gita’s sound and aesthetics are endearing and make me want to turn it on. The roundness of the shell is friendly and cute.

What do your friends and family think about gita?

I found that my friends and family have been pleasantly surprised by gita. They are very curious about what it does and after I give them a quick demo, most want one too.

Can you think of a time when gita surprised you with its carrying ability?

I was very surprised it carried a 35 gallon container of paint to my jobsite. Painting all day can really cause strain on my back so having a helpful companion carry a heavy and cumbersome container while I carried my other tools was so helpful.

I was surprised to see how many groceries fit in gita. Whole Foods is an hour walk for me so I strapped Smalls into the front seat of my car and drove to the market. Once I unpacked Smalls it was so seamless to walk through the isles of the grocery store without having to use a squeaky and clumsy shopping cart. I was so surprised as to how much I could fit in my gita... and no plastic bags or shopping cart needed! Plus... it was so fun shopping like I was from the future. Thanks Smalls! 

What are some things you think everyone should know about your city?

Austin is the live music capital of the world which means it's not unusual to walk into a shop, eat at one of our countless delicious restaurants, or pass a street corner to find a music festival, bar band, DJ, or solo artist playing music of all sorts. Besides the abundance of aural art, Austin welcomes and cherishes its visual artists as well. You can easily not walk five minutes and run into a beautiful street mural or park sculpture to brighten up your day. Keep Austin Weird is our motto, as an artist, I adore Austin’s encouraging attitude to be yourself and express yourself. This live and let live attitude is what makes our city so lovely and enticing to forward thinking people. It's all about balance and being yourself here in Austin so besides the right brain thinkers it is also home to the left brain thinkers like Apple, Tesla, Dell, Facebook, Adobe, Oracle, SpaceX to name a few. We definitely have a very strong tech presence here which is a great compliment to all of the local right brain artists. Most of all, my favorite part of Austin which everyone should know about is it’s amazing natural beauty. There are countless trails to navigate for hiking and gorgeous clear water swimming holes in which to cool off and play during our hot Summer months. If you come to visit, please remember to keep Austin weird.

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