01. 24. 2022
6 min read

Get to know your neighborhood with gitamini

How walking inspires connection

We designed gitamini the following robot to get people moving more. To get them up and out; walking more and walking further. To do more of their living on foot, to give them more opportunities to enjoy nature and discover the local gems in their neighborhoods.

As it turns out, when people are able to get their needs met without having to drive, the benefits aren’t just at street level. Pedestrian ecology promotes healthy lifestyles and social connectivity, and leads to a healthier economy and cleaner environment. In other words, the more walkable the neighborhood, the better for all.

Happier & Healthier

We believe that shopping small makes a big impact, and that behavior starts with an engaged community. Slowing down your daily commute and taking time to walk leads to discovering new shops, restaurants, and coffee shops in your neighborhood. This encourages conversation, connection, loyalty, and makes people feel good. Not to mention, when you stop using a car as a major mode of transportation, the savings stimulate local spending, and we have a recipe for a healthier economy.

Bringing this Future Forward

Did you know 30% of daily car trips in the US are under 2 miles? So why aren’t we walking more? Forgoing driving for walking means having to carry all the stuff the car usually carts around. That’s actually the biggest reason people don’t do more of their daily living on foot—they’ve got all their stuff holding them back. That’s where gitamini comes in.

At Piaggio Fast Forward we create innovative mobile tech solutions to help people unlock the walkability of their neighborhoods. We do this by studying and observing how people move, walk, and navigate the world around them. Then, using a mix of robotics, engineering and design, we create innovative and smart tech products that move the same way.

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