03. 22. 2021
7 min read

Earth Day, every day

How gita and gitamini helps keep our planet healthy

Earth Day is more of an everyday thing here at Piaggio Fast Forward. It’s our mission to support cleaner environments and healthier lifestyles by making walkable living accessible to more people. We do this through innovative tech that moves the way people move—including our first-of-their-kind cargo-carrying following robots, gita and gitamini.


For every mile you walk instead of drive, you reduce your carbon footprint by one pound. Luckily, over one third of our car trips are less than two miles. If we all walked these short trips instead of driving, the impact would be incredible. That’s where gita and gitamini come in.

Let’s take a look at how much you could reduce your carbon footprint by walking with our following robots instead of driving to do a week’s worth of errand runs:

  • Pick up groceries x 2

  • Trip to the farmers’ market

  • Bring packages to the post office

  • Drop off clothes at the dry cleaner

  • Coffee run x 3

  • Pick up take out x 2

Assuming each round trip is 2 miles, that’s a carbon footprint reduction of 20 pounds in just one week. That’s 80 pounds saved per month. And 960 pounds per year! It’s easy to see how quickly that adds up. And gita’s contribution to a cleaner environment doesn’t stop there. Here are some other ways our following robots encourage a healthy planet:


gitamini runs on a rechargeable battery so it doesn’t put out any gas emissions during use.

gita tip: gitamini conveniently plugs into ordinary wall outlets and it has a USB port so you can charge smaller devices while on-the-go.


Using gita to carry your purchases greatly reduces your need for and use of disposable bags, ultimately reducing your waste.

gita tip: gita’s IGLOO® cooler accessory fits gita’s cargo bin perfectly and is easy to clean.


The mygita app logs your miles so you can keep tabs on how much impact you’re making.

gita tip: The mygita app is available for iOS and Android smartphones at the Apple App Store or Google Play. 


gita helps people do more of their living at the local level, including shopping for food. This cuts down gas emissions caused by “food miles,” the distance food is transported from the time of its making until it reaches the consumer. 

gita tip: gita can carry up to 40 pounds which is about equal to 10 days worth of groceries for a single person.

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