03. 06. 2023
6 min read

Choose your robot: gitaplus vs. gitamini

Our following robots, gitamini and gitaplus, make living a life without a car easier and more fun. These robots are designed to carry your gear so you’re free to walk more rather than drive, all while keeping your hands free. Our robots follow behind their leader and are built with pedestrian etiquette so that they operate in a way that is respectful to their leader, the environment, and other people or obstacles around them. 

Not sure which robot is for you? Don’t worry - we can help! 


gitamini is our smaller, but still mighty, following robot. It weighs in at 28 lb and can carry up to 20 lb in the cargo bin. gitamini can follow for up to 7 hours (or about 21 miles) on a single charge and fully charges up in about 2 hours. 

gitamini is best suited for those that live in a city or urban area. For those last minute grocery store runs, park picnics, or any on-foot trip where you have a little too much to carry on your own, gitamini is the perfect helper. gitamini can be carried by one person up steps, for example if you live in an apartment, and can be loaded in and out of a car with ease. 

gitamini robots now have a built-in Bluetooth® speaker so you can stream music on the go. Available in neutral Boardwalk Beige and eye-catching Spark Citron. 


gitaplus is our largest following robot - weighing in at nearly 50 lb with a cargo-capacity of 40lb. gitaplus has a pretty long continuous run time of approximately 18 hours on a single charge. 

It is perfect for families who need larger cargo space, business owners, or anyone who needs a bigger, extra set of hands. This robot is better suited for offices, suburban areas, and more open spaces, however it still operates with pedestrian etiquette and its design is sleek and refined, just like gitamini.

gitaplus robots also have a built-in Bluetooth® speaker and come in bright Rapid Blue or neutral Porter Brown. 

Whatever your preferences, there’s a gita robot that’s perfect for you.

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