10. 18. 2021
8 min read

An afternoon in Austin

with gitamini®

Between its numerous farmers’ markets, variety of green spaces, dedicated pedestrian-only trails, and plethora of parks, Austin is the perfect playground for an afternoon out with gitamini.

Because gitamini is so compact and easy to lift, it can even go on public trans or get packed up into a car, and with a 21-mile runtime, it can keep up with whatever’s on the agenda. Whether you’re looking for a chance to step up your date night game, to find a moment of serenity in nature, or to simply make errand runs more fun, gitamini is your ultimate sidekick. Here are a few fun Austin afternoon adventures gitamini was made for:

Farmer’s market trip—

Head over to Barton Creek Farmers Market (open year-round every Saturday, 9am-1pm) to stock up on everything from produce and baked goods to handmade jewelry and plants while listening to live music and enjoying the scenic view of the downtown Austin skyline. If you didn’t find everything you were looking for, hop over to Barton Creek Square mall right next door.

Pick up a few essentials and take everything over to the neighboring Barton Creek Wilderness Park for a mini picnic.

gitamini city walk

Dog’s day out—

Pick up some treats and toys for the pup at Barkin' Creek Dog Kitchen & Bath and then head over to the Auditorium Shores Dog Park at Town Lake Metropolitan Park where you can play fetch, run around, and the pup can even go for a swim, so make sure to have gitamini bring a towel!

Head over to Sandy’s Hamburgers to treat yourself to an old-fashioned burger and milkshake to round out your day of outdoor fun.

A day-to-night date—

Pack gitamini up with sandwiches and start an early afternoon with a long romantic scenic stroll along the Lady Bird Lake Boardwalk, taking lots of breaks to enjoy the views and to have a mini picnic.

End the evening at Cidercade, a 150+ game arcade with an extensive bar list, artisan thin-crust personal pizzas, and an outdoor patio with a great view.

A mindful “me” day—

Start the afternoon with a power walk around the Roy and Ann Butler Hike and Bike Trail, its scenic waterfront views are sure to bring on a sense of calm. Make a point to make the Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge a part of your route; it’s open only to pedestrians & cyclists, and it’s wheelchair accessible (read: gita friendly). Find a nice spot to have a moment of meditation among the peaceful water views.

End the evening with a treatment at Viva Day Spa Lamar and then swing by Toomey Tap Bar and grab a few local brews to enjoy back at home.

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