03. 29. 2021
5 min read

A new spin on national walk to work day

Starting your day with a walk is better, healthier, and more fun—especially with gita

National Walk to Work Day is celebrated on the first Friday in April. And while we aren’t commuting to work on a daily basis anymore, we’re all for a day dedicated to encouraging Americans to get out and stroll first thing in the morning. Starting the day on foot is always our first choice and here are a few reasons why:

Slowing down—
It’s easy to fall into the habit of the mad morning rush. A dose of fresh air in the morning gives you the chance to wake up, clear your mind, and ease into the day.

Burning calories—
Walking gets the blood pumping and burns calories. Starting the day this way is motivation to make healthier choices throughout the day.

gita tip: If you want to get more of a workout out of your walk, stream your favorite upbeat playlist through gita’s Bluetooth speaker—you’ll forget you’re even breaking a sweat.

Relieving stress—
Reconnecting with nature—feeling the sunshine, or a breeze, hearing the rustle of leaves or chatter of chipmunks—can be incredibly grounding and calming and can help relieve stress and anxiety.

gita tip: use gita’s Bluetooth speaker to stream your favorite calming music or daily meditations to make your walk even more therapeutic.

Boosting creativity—
Regular exercise can actually make you more creative, according to a recent study out of the University of Graz that links physical activity and imagination. 

gita tip: The more consistent you are, the more lasting the impact; encourage yourself to make walking a routine by meeting a friend on your route or stopping to pick up coffee and breakfast carried
by gita.

Working just a 30-minute walk into your day at any time can have significant long-term benefits:

  • Significantly improves health and lengthens life

  • Helps maintain weight 

  • Decreases the risk of heart disease and diabetes

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