02. 13. 2023
6 min read

Valentine’s Day date ideas with gitamini

Looking for some inspiration on how to spend your Valentine’s Day this year? gitamini is the perfect sidekick to help you make the most of your date night (or day). We’ve compiled a list of some great ideas on how to spend time with the ones you love most!

If you’re going solo this Valentine’s Day: 

  • Spend some quality alone time with yourself by taking a walk through your neighborhood or exploring a new part of your city you’ve never been to before. Bring gitamini along for the trip so you can stay hands-free but still have everything you need to treat yourself to a day of self-care and self-love.

  • Walk to a nearby coffee shop or wine bar with gitamini and bring along your favorite book, sketchpad, journal, or other creative outlet to help you unwind. 

Spending time with the family: 

  • If you’ve got kids, spend the day with your little ones crafting Valentine’s day cards and baking some treats to share with your neighbors, extended family, their classmates, etc. Walk to the store with gitamini and fill it up with everything you need. 

  • Spend the day at the park with the kiddos (or your pets if you’re a pet parent) and take gitamini with you so you can bring some water, hot cocoa, blankets, snacks, etc! 

If you have a significant other (or just a friend!):

  • Set up a picnic at the park - or if it’s too cold have a picnic at home! Head to the grocery store with gitamini and get all of your favorite snacks to make for the best picnic ever!

  • Head to a local wine shop with gitamini and pick up a few bottles of wine for your own at-home wine tasting. Pro tip: pick up some meat, cheese and crackers and make a charcuterie board to enjoy with your wines! 

gitamini is the perfect addition to your Valentine’s Day celebrations, no matter what you have planned.

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