12. 18. 2023
6 min read

The gita community’s 2023 recap

In 2023, gita robots found themselves in the hands of some really cool and creative people. We LOVE hearing about all the different ways gita users integrate their robot into their lives and what they love about our technology so we rounded up a few quotes from some of this year’s top gita users! Here’s our 2023 year in review!

“I love taking gitamini to go work at coffee shops and to help me with content creation!”
- Josh

“It's best for me to help load groceries. I often have groceries delivered but I need to carry them up the elevator. The gitamini helps me with usually a single trip up instead of my usual 2-3.”
- Tyler Mc.

“Of course the convenience of not having to carry my items is GREAT, but I love that gita allows me to make connections with other people! Their curiosity leads them to speak to me and I’ve met so many great people just by having gita with me. Also, when I have gita with me I feel less alone. gita really feels like a little friend! She comes with so many benefits.”
- Gailina

“It’s almost cute how it works, it reminds me of having my own BB-8 droid like in Star Wars! I was amazed by how easy to use the technology was! It was so fascinating to see how well it followed me and navigated as I walked.”
- Mia 

“I’ve been taking mine with me around my neighborhood and to run errands—it’s made going to the store so much easier!”
- Tyler M

“I love learning about how new technology works and experimenting with new gadgets. Walking around with the gitamini was a surreal experience because it feels like a glimpse of the future.”
- Tony

“I think it’s pretty dope the way it follows you around, carries your items and plays music.”

“It feels like I’m in a fun cyberpunk world. Makes me feel like a cool main character!”

Here’s to a great 2023 and an even better, more high-tech 2024!

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