03. 13. 2023
5 min read

The perfect guide to living locally in your city

If you know us here at PFF, you know we love to live locally and support local businesses in our city. Some of our favorite, go-to ways to explore our surroundings are coffee shop trips, local restaurants, local wine shops, boutiques and more! 

We’ve come up with the perfect list of ideas for a day spent outside finding hidden gems in your area. 

Take a walk into town to grab breakfast 

Pro tip: grab some extra pastries while you’re there and have gitamini carry them home so you can enjoy them throughout the rest of the week(end)! 

Head to the park for some outdoor yoga

Bring water, weights, a yoga mat and whatever else you need inside gitamini’s cargo bin

Head into a different part of town and get an afternoon pick-me-up at a new coffee shop you’ve never been to before 

Bring gitamini along so you can pack a book, your laptop, headphones or whatever else you need to spend some time reconnecting with yourself and your community

Go shopping at some local stores and support local businesses

gitamini can carry up to 20 lb so you can walk downtown and shop while staying hands-free and not having to worry about parking! 

Have a picnic with friends and family

Head to a local park, a friend's house, or host everyone in your backyard to enjoy some fresh air and delicious goodies.

You can even pick up some food from local stores and bring gitamini along to carry your things!

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