06. 05. 2023
6 min read

Summertime and the livin’ is easy

Summertime is finally here! Warm weather, more time outside, longer days - what could be better?! We love spending time outside exploring our area here at PFF and summertime makes it easier and more fun to do so. How fitting that our products, gitamini and gitaplus, make it easier and more fun to get outside and live more of your life on the go?!

gitamini and gitaplus robots are built to seamlessly integrate into your life, no matter where you go and no matter what your hobbies are. Both robots are designed to carry your gear - gitamini up to 20lb and gitaplus up to 40lb - so that you can live your life on your own terms. Not only do gita robots allow you to stay hands-free and take the strain of carrying heavy bags off your body, but they’re also a fun and innovative piece of technology that sets you apart from everyone else! 

Some of our favorite ways to use gitamini and gitaplus during the summer are: 

  • Bringing gitaplus to the golf course to be our own personal caddy 

  • Taking gitamini to the tennis court to carry our rackets, balls, water, extra shoes to change into afterwards, and some snacks if we plan to be there all day

  • Using gitamini as a shopping buddy for local summer markets and festivals 

  • Streaming music from the built-in Bluetooth® speaker to level up park picnics and BBQ’s at friends’ houses

  • Hosting a block party and using gita robots to carry and hand out drinks and snacks! (Bonus points if the block party is themed! We love dressing our robots up in fun costumes!)

  • Tailgating music festivals and packing gita with a cooler and some adult beverages - and of course jamming out to music through gita’s speaker

The great thing about our robots is that they’re a great accessory for anyone - no matter what your interests. gitamini and gitaplus are innovative, fun, and make life more high-tech. Stand out from the crowd this summer and take your gita robot with you on all of your adventures! 

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