06. 12. 2023
8 min read

Spend the day with dad (and gitamini) this Father’s Day

Father's Day is a perfect opportunity to celebrate the special bonds we share with our dads. This year, make it fun and exciting by planning activities that create lasting memories and strengthen the connection with dad. Whether dad prefers outdoor adventures, quality time at home, or trying something new together, gitamini is not only the perfect gift but is a perfect companion to make your day full of activities truly unforgettable.

Explore the great outdoors:

For the dad that enjoys spending time in nature, plan a day filled with outdoor adventures. Perhaps you can explore a nearby walking trail, go a hike to a scenic location, explore a local park, or even go camping overnight. Engaging in outdoor activities not only allows for quality time but also provides an opportunity for bonding while appreciating the beauty of the natural world.

Cook a meal together: 

Food is always a great way of bringing people together. This Father's Day, plan for a special meal by cooking a yummy dish together. Ask dad for his favorite recipes or choose a new one to try together. Whether it's a backyard BBQ, a homemade pizza night, or a gourmet dinner, the process of preparing the meal and enjoying it together is a great way to create new memories and delicious flavors. Make the most of the whole day by taking a walk to the grocery store and let gitamini do the heavy lifting of carrying all the groceries. 

Engage in a shared hobby:

Discover some new hobbies or engage in some common interests that dad enjoys! Whether it’s playing a round of golf, going fishing, biking, or even playing a board game, sharing an activity that you both love is a great way to spend time with dad on his special day. gitamini can carry all of your sports gear to the park or around the yard, can accompany you to a local store to buy a new board game, or can follow you around on the golf course all day and supply you with drinks and snacks.  

Go to a concert or sporting event:

If your dad is a sports enthusiast or a music lover, surprise him with tickets to a game or concert featuring his favorite team or artist. Make the most of it by tailgating beforehand with gitamini and enjoy some drinks, snacks, and good music. You can stream music through gitamini’s speaker and pack everything you need for a successful tailgate in the cargo bin. 

In honor of Father’s Day, we’re offering 20% off all gitamini robots now through June 18th. Not only does gitamini make a perfect gift for any dad, it makes the day more special by making it more fun, more high-tech, and more convenient by carrying all of your gear for you. Use our promo code DADBOT20 at checkout to take 20% off of your purchase.

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