03. 11. 2024
6 min read

Our newest product launch: PFF kilo™

Designed to help businesses augment their workforce

With our newest product, PFF kilo™, we are aiming to help businesses augment their workforce and enhance worker safety. PFF kilo is designed for businesses who regularly transport large items around facilities and campuses so that workers can move heavy loads efficiently while staying hands-free and avoiding risk of repetitive motion injuries. 

PFF kilo is a 4-wheeled robotic flat bed with built-in, hands-free following capabilities. Its following capabilities and user interface are very similar to those of our current family of gita robots. Unlike other remote-controlled robots, kilo can operate right out of the box with the push of a button, eliminating the need for costly infrastructure requirements or advanced training for operators. Not only that, but it can also be optionally outfitted with industry or facility specific carts or shelving to ensure the optimal configuration for any job. 

Like our gita robots, PFF kilo uses a single intuitive button which indicates the functionality status and features through color, brightness and light patterns. It is optimized for detecting and predicting human behavior while operating at pedestrian speeds in both built and natural environments, offering hands-free following both indoors and outdoors. PFF kilo continuously scans its surroundings to create a self-sufficient map, enabling navigation within a dynamic environment without relying on external sensors, providing a flexible, autonomous solution.

PFF kilo provides a safer and smarter way to move materials, allowing workers to move more naturally, without the risk of repetitive injuries in the workplace.The platform is designed to eliminate manual pushing and pulling of materials and equipment for a more productive and safety compliant workplace. Users can easily initiate the movement of the platform with just a simple press of a button, effortlessly blending the kilo into their usual routines.

To learn more about PFF kilo and our other business solutions, check out our business page!

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