08. 08. 2022
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Our Favorite Walkable Cities: Raleigh, NC

Here at Piaggio Fast Forward, we are dedicated to making U.S. cities and neighborhoods more walkable with gitamini. Did you know: one third of all car trips in the U.S. are less than 2 miles. With gitamini, you’re able to walk further and more often while not being limited by what you can carry. gitamini - the cargo-carrying, following robot - makes it easier to live life on foot. With a 20-pound cargo-carrying capacity and the ability to travel for up to 21 miles on a single charge, you’re able to explore more of your city while making better choices for your body and the environment. 

Meet Carly, a mom, CEO and co-founder of Camp Digital agency, and gitamini owner living in Raleigh, NC. We asked Carly to tell us about her favorite things about living locally in Raleigh, how she uses gitamini in her everyday life and how her robot helps her connect to her neighborhood.


Carly’s favorite local spots in Raleigh: 

  • Black and White Coffee at Videri–a local Black-owned coffee shop inside of a bean-to-bar chocolate factory that I bring my son to most mornings to grab mama’s morning coffee before we go trainspotting at the Amtrak Station.

  • Crawford & Son–a casual neighborhood restaurant located in historic Oakwood that uses purposeful ingredients and serves plates from the familiar to the unexpected. We’re good friends with Chef Scott Crawford and his wife Jessica, and have become good friends with Jordan, who makes the best cocktails in Raleigh.

  • Vault Craft Beer– a one-of-a-kind craft beer taproom in a modern, restored historic building. Erik and his business partner just opened this concept recently and are preserving the history and architecture of a former little drive thru bank in Raleigh. Their taps rotate more quickly than what you can keep up with!

Where Carly most often goes with gitamini:

“Moore Square, a park and gathering place, in the heart of Downtown Raleigh, where they have a splash pad, lots of green space, and host live music, movie nights, and vintage pop-ups”

What intrigued Carly most about her gitamini robot:

“I love being an early adopter of technology and “what’s next,” and knew I had to give this robot a try, and to see it to believe it!”

What Carly’s friends and family think about gitamini

“Whenever I talk about it with my friends and family and whenever they have the opportunity to experience it in person, they are speechless, awestruck, inspired, and confused by how cool the technology is and why they haven’t seen it until now. It’s always fun to see the reactions and to have the opportunity to share something with them they haven’t seen before.”

How people react when they see Carly and her family walking with gitamini: 

“Whenever my son and I walk around the neighborhood with gitamini - who we’ve named “Ollie” - people gasp, drop their jaws, tap up on the shoulders, motion for us to come their direction, and are buzzing with excitement and questions about it. We get a lot of “Excuse me, what is that? Is that a robot?” And people shouting “NO WAY!”


A time where Carly was surprised about gitamini’s abilities: 

“I couldn’t believe how much we could fit inside of gitamini, especially when you pack it creatively. It was so sweet seeing my son pack it so carefully and realizing he could fit his bubbles, blanket, a small ball, two waters, and a few miscellaneous toys to bring along on our adventures around town.


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