04. 17. 2023
6 min read

How you can have a positive impact on the earth this Earth Day and beyond

Earth Day is coming up this week on April 22 and we want to shed light on the significance of this holiday. The first ever Earth Day was in 1970 in the United States and became a globally recognized event around 1990. The day encourages everyone to be mindful of their own impact on the planet and to make better choices that benefit the environment. 

One simple way you can help the planet this Earth Day and beyond is by reducing your carbon footprint. Switch up your commute to and from work, or do your nearby errands on foot instead of getting in the car. gitamini makes it easier to walk further and more often by carrying your gear so you’re no longer limited by what you can carry. 

Did you know that 1/3 of all car trips in the US are less than two miles? Think of the impact we could make if we walked some of those trips instead of getting in the car and driving. For every mile you walk instead of drive, you reduce your carbon footprint by one pound and reduce air pollution. 

Not only does living a life on foot reduce air pollution, but it actually creates a need for more green spaces. The more that people opt to walk instead of drive, the more that municipalities will need to create traffic-free spaces. Imagine the potential impact of this new demand! Perhaps these spaces could be full of trees, plants, wildlife, etc. to help our environment’s health as well as our mental health. Walking also helps boost your mood, promotes biodiversity, and can save you gas money - what’s better than that?! 

Join us in making better choices - opt to walk more rather than hopping in the car on shorter trips and bring gitamini along for the ride. gitamini makes it easy to take life on the go and keeps you hands-free allowing for more travel on foot without the hassle of heavy bags.

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