02. 05. 2024
8 min read

How our robots are revolutionizing the hospitality industry

Featuring Dominic Locascio

As automation and technology continue to evolve rapidly, we’re seeing more and more robots being integrated into our everyday lives and into various industries. One industry that we at Piaggio Fast Forward are actively working to revolutionize with our gita robots is the hospitality industry. Interested in hearing about some ways in which robots are transforming the hospitality space? Keep reading to hear from Dominic Locascio, PFF’s Senior Director of Hospitality, on how robots can revolutionize this industry and how our gita robots are being implemented into some hotels around the country. 

“While it is still the early adoption stage of this emerging technology, there are a lot of practical applications of robots that we are seeing in hotels,” says Dominic. “The more common ones are those that delight the guests and add to the experience—things like food or towel delivery, assistance with carrying guest or hotel staff items or help for guests who have limited mobility. But we are also seeing more applications that help with staffing challenges such as cleaning, automation for handling cleaning materials or amenities, and some hotels are using robots as check-in agents.” When robots are introduced into workplaces such as hotels, the automation alleviates staff shortages while simultaneously improving efficiencies. 

Our robots, gitamini and gitaplus, are currently in pilot programs in hotels throughout the country. Thanks to these programs, we’re able to see how our robots are helping to transform the industry and we get some really great feedback on how we can update our products to best suit the needs of the industry and our customers. 

“Assistive technology in a hotel setting is an effective solution for plugging the cracks in the system,” says Dominic. “Adding robot technology to provide a necessary extra hand will serve to alleviate the strain of staffing shortages. Robotic assistive devices reduce the chance of a workplace injury by functioning with maximum efficiency. What would normally take a human 4-5 trips by themselves can be accomplished in a single trip by a trained robot. Whether it is luggage transportation, transporting housekeeping carts or mobile bar replenishment, robot helpers could eliminate the need for a human to overexert and carry an excessive number of bags or other items.” 

Not only do our gita robots assist staff and make working easier, safer and more efficient, but at its core, hospitality is a business that relies on engagement and creating a memorable experience to ensure customers are satisfied. Our gita robots are an attention-getting technology that engages guests, therefore can be a tool for marketing your business and have the potential to support or even change the perception of the brand by guests and staff alike.

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