05. 30. 2022
5 min read

Get Dad the best gift this Father’s Day

A look at what makes gitamini the ultimate Father’s Day gift

Whether dad is an outdoorsman, a grill master, a fitness guru, or a tech enthusiast, gitamini is the ultimate gift for Father’s Day. With a 20 pound cargo-carrying capacity, gitamini the following robot is the perfect side-kick for any dad, no matter what his favorite activities are:

Outdoorsman —

gitamini the following robot can be useful for dad for all of his favorite outdoor activities from gardening, hiking, camping, fishing, etc. gitamini can carry up to 20 pounds so dad can fill it with any tools he may need. Landscaping tools, fishing equipment, camping necessities, anything, gitamini can carry it all so dad can stay hands-free. 

Grill Master—

gitamini is the perfect sous-chef for dad! Walking to and from the grocery store is a breeze, and with its cargo space, gitamini can carry all ingredients dad needs for a successful barbecue. 

Fitness Fanatic—

Is dad obsessed with getting out and getting moving? gitamini is a great workout buddy for a dad on the go. Fill gitamini with some light dumbbells, a yoga mat, a water bottle, a speaker, or any other fitness equipment - up to 20 pounds - and dad can bring the gym with him wherever he goes. For lighter workout days, gitamini is a great walking partner and allows dad to stroll around the neighborhood hands-free. 

Tech Enthusiast—

gitamini isn’t just useful, it's also a fun piece of technology! If your dad is the kind of guy who is up on all the latest technology and gadgets, gitamini is the perfect gift for him.

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