06. 20. 2022
6 min read

Celebrate World Music Day with gitamini

What do gitamini and music have in common? They both lead to better mental and physical health! gitamini allows users to get out and walk more which promotes better sleep, stress relief, mood improvement and better cardiovascular health. Music can also improve mood, decrease anxiety, and believe it or not, is good for your heart as it can reduce heart rate, lower blood pressure and increase serotonin and endorphin levels in your blood. 

In honor of World Music Day, incorporate some music into your next walk and bring gitamini along the way. You can cart around a bluetooth speaker in gitamini to share all the good vibes with people you see along the way. 

See what some of our gitamini users are doing to incorporate music and gitamini into their daily lives: 

“We used gitamini to carry a speaker and device loaded with the piano accompaniment for La Folia by Corelli, Arranged by Suzuki. This allowed a violinist to walk and play violin with the accompaniment. We had a lot of fun and the neighbors came out to watch and enjoy the music” 

– Dana from Seattle, WA

gitamini swung by Stubb’s - the legendary BBQ joint and music venue in the heart of Austin.” 

– Collin from Austin, TX

“My gitamini carried our stuff for our picnic this weekend. We jammed out to some playlists and enjoyed the nice weather before it got too hot.” 

– Kevin from Austin, TX

Check out our Spotify playlist and listen to that on your next walk with gitamini or you can create your own!

gita tip: A 15 to 20-minute playlist would average about a mile walk.

If you’re planning to work up a sweat on your walk, don’t forget to pack gitamini with extra water to stay hydrated!

Get outside and enjoy World Music Day on foot this year!

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