05. 22. 2023
6 min read

A Q&A with PFF’s electrical engineering team

There are a lot of different teams here at PFF that make gita robots what they are. We sat down with our electrical engineering team to ask them all about what they do, how their work impacts our robots, and what they love about gitamini™

Here’s what electrical engineers Olivia and Ahanna had to say: 

What does the electrical engineering team work on as it pertains to gita robots?

The electrical engineering team works on all things electrical and electro-mechanical. That includes designing the printed circuit boards, creating the schematics and testing the assembled boards. We collaborate with the software and mechanical to ensure the system functions smoothly. 

How far has the design and functionality of gitamini (and gitaplus) come since you started at PFF?

The gitamini and gitaplus have come a very long way since their conception. Originally, gita robots were designed with 10 interconnected printed circuit boards. The design was condensed and now there are only four. This design allowed us to create a smaller profile and reduce weight which enables the user to move more freely with the gitamini.

What’s your favorite feature of gitamini? Visually and/or technologically.

We like the personality of gita robots. The sound design gives the robots a jovial and warm character. They also have cartoonish movement patterns.

What’s a feature or ability that gitamini has that consumers may not notice is a big part of the design?

The buttons. Only two are needed, the power button in the back and the interact button in the front. These make the gitamini simple to use and feel satisfying to interact with. Without the two buttons and the connected circuitry, you couldn't do anything with it.

What has been your favorite part about being part of the team that designs these robots?

Creative input on how the robots look and function. As well as the general insight of knowing how the robots work. 

What team at PFF do you want to hear from next? Let us know in the comments and be sure to follow us on social media to keep up with us!

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