06. 28. 2021
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4th of July with gita

Make your firework viewing party even more wow-worthy

Imagine enjoying a first-rate firework display without dealing with crowds, the headache of finding parking, or the struggle of lugging around all the stuff (the blankets, the snacks, the folding chairs, the bug spray...). gita the following robot can help with all that and more—it’s the ultimate firework viewing-party sidekick:

  • gita’s IGLOO® cooler will keep all your beverages and food cool for an entire day of celebrations—and beyond.

  • You don’t have to worry about lugging around the folding chairs with gita following along—its pop-up lid allows it to carry taller items. 

  • Once the sun goes down it can get cold, fast. Making sure everyone has their own blanket to wrap up in is easy with gita carrying the load. 

  • You can lock gita up with the mygita app so you can watch the firework display without feeling like you have to keep one eye on your stuff.

Looking for some July 4th celebration inspiration? We researched what’s going on in 3 of our favorite walkable cities this year and rounded up the best firework shows and the best places to watch them:


The show: The Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular

When: July 4th, 10:30pm

Where: Over Boston Common

The best-kept secret watching spots: 

  • Along the Cambridge side of the Charles River

    • The Boston University Bridge

    • The grassy lawn in front of MIT

  • The top of Bunker Hill in Charlestown

  • Castle Island 

    • If you get there early enough, you can also see fireworks from other nearby towns.

  • Along the 3-mile long Charles River Esplanade

*gita pick: Stop in at Night Shift Owl’s Nest on your way to find your primo watching spot. It’s a pop-up beer garden with lots of picnic tables, an impressive craft beer, hard seltzer, and wine list as well as food trucks.


The show: The Austin Symphony H-E-B July 4th Concert & Fireworks

When: July 4th

Where: Over Lady Bird Lake

The best-kept secret watching spots: 

  • Congress Bridge

  • Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge

  • Lamar Beach

  • Deep Eddy Park

  • Shoal Beach

  • Butler Shores

  • Sand Beach Park

*gita pick: Pick up dessert from The Baked Bear (just .2 miles away from Sand Beach park) which sells, among other mouthwatering treats, build-your-own ice cream sandwiches and “bear bowls” (a cookie or brownie bowl with ice cream).


The show: Seafair’s famous Fourth of July Fireworks Show 

When: July 4th, 10pm

Where: Seattle’s local news station, King5

The best-kept secret watching spots: 

  • Your favorite local outdoor spot

    • You can still get the traditional firework show feeling even if your city’s display has gone virtual this year. Pack gita up with all the essentials—blankets, snacks, drinks, games, glow sticks, sun screen, bug spray, etc.—grab your tablet and head to the park (or whatever your favorite outdoor spot is). Hang out on the grass while you wait for the fireworks to begin and all gather round the tablet at 10pm to watch the show together (gita will make sure it stays charged with its interior USB charging station).


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